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For a good portion of the 1990's, our family was interested in the idea of entering the used book business. We are all avid readers, book lovers, and book collectors who cannot pass a bookstore without popping in.  Family trips to the library and our local used bookstore were a regularity while growing up.  With each of us having interests in different genres (with a little overlapping here and there), we cover a lot of bases. The thought of having a store of our own was appealing, and the hunt was on - both for stock and a location.

We thought to combine under one roof many different things that would appeal to readers and book lovers.  Not only used books, but some new items as well.  Bookmarks (to ward off dog-eared pages), bookends (to keep those out-of-control collections under control), bookplates (to label books on the "Can I borrow that?" circuit to ensure that they always found their way home), book repair tape (to lend a helping hand to collectors with tattered favourites in their collections), and so on.  With an interest in book-themed knick knacks as well, we had two sides to our would-be business: books and knick-knacks.  Hence the name and the business Book-Knacks was born.

In the early part of 1998 we bought a commercial property, and in the summer we first opened our doors in a storefront at 88 Brock Street West, Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. With start-up stock consisting of a garage full of books hand-picked for just such a venture that we purchased from someone who changed their plans, we were in business.

For several years we operated in this storefront, growing our business and learning about the industry and the backbone of it - the customers. It was very satisfying to be present at the end of someone's book quest, as we were quite often.  Many a time we heard shouts of joy from somewhere in the shop as customers happened upon just what they'd been looking for (oftentimes for quite a while). At other times, people would approach us with bits and pieces of information that they remembered from long ago favourites in hopes that we could at least help them come up with an author or title to help in their search, which we often times did, with the book in hand. And when we couldn't come up with anything on our own, we would pick the brains of other customers in conversation, or turn to the internet for help for them. For us, quality and selection of stock go hand-in-hand with customer service. One isn't much good without the other.

But times, people, places, and lives change and after several years in our storefront we made a change of our own - in 2004 we relocated to the internet. Now a home-based business in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, we are gradually bringing our inventory online here at our own website, as well as at AbeBooks (as Past Pages), alibris (under my own name, Lisa Van Munster), amazon (any listings belonging to resurrectedreads are ours!), Biblio (as Fully Booked), ebay (as either littleredreadinghood or thebigbadbookseller), and  Etsy (as OutOfOurHands). In the past, we used ebay rather extensively, and some of our Feedback from that site can be found on our Testimonials page here.

We are striving for a website that is a cyber version of our bookshop, offering an organized, well laid-out place for "book people" to frequent. We may no longer be able to hear the shouts of joy, but we hope that they are still occurring.  And as for those "I can't remember the title, but..." questions, just send us an email and we'll happily help out, if we can.

Over the years, we have also brought other items into our inventory, resulting in the eclectic collection that we are now offering.


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