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Advertising Collectibles
Business & Industrial Equipment
Computer Equipment
Craft Supplies
Greeting & Note Cards
Handcrafted Items
Health & Beauty Equipment
Instruction Booklets
Light Fixtures
Office Equipment
Office Supplies
Seasonal Items
Sports Memorabilia
Tote Bags, Backpacks, & Garment Bags
Toys & Games
Trading Cards
VHS Video Cassettes
Wallet Cards


Advertising Collectibles (21)
items produced for calling public attention to one's product, service, need, etc.
Bookmarks (20)
a ribbon or other marker placed between the pages of a book to mark a place
Books (2815)
written or printed works of fiction or nonfiction, usually on sheets of paper fastened or bound together within covers
Business & Industrial Equipment (1)
items used in business or industrial environments
Clothing (17)

garments collectively; clothes; raiment; apparel

Collectibles (11)

an object suitable for a collection, originally a work of fine art or an antique, now including also any of a wide variety of items collected as a hobby, for display, or as an investment whose value may appreciate

Computer Equipment (6)

equipment related to computers (also called processors), electronic devices designed to accept data, perform prescribed mathematical and logical operations at high speed, and display the results of these operations

Craft Supplies (216)
supplies used in making handcrafted items
DVDs (0)
optical disks that can store a very large amount of digital data, as text, music, or images
Greeting & Note Cards (10)
cards given to extend greetings in celebration of holidays and life events
Handcrafted Items (18)
items made by handicraft
Health & Beauty Equipment (8)

equipment used to tend the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor and the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind

Housewares (130)
articles of household equipment,
Instruction Booklets (20)

authoritative directions

Light Fixtures (1)

any of various devices for providing light

Magazines (17)
publications that are issued periodically, usually bound in a paper cover, and typically containing essays, stories, poems, etc., by many writers, and often photographs and drawings, frequently specializing in a particular subject or area, as hobbies, news, or sports
Magnets (19)
materials or objects that produce a magnetic field
Maps (1)

a representation, usually on a flat surface, as of the features of an area of the earth or a portion of the heavens, showing them in their respective forms, sizes, and relationships according to some convention of representation

Music (3)

an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony

Office Equipment (3)
items used in office environments
Office Supplies (14)
stationery and related items used in administrative and clerical work
Postcards (15)

also called a picture postcard; a small, commercially printed card, usually having a picture on one side and space for a short message on the other

Seasonal Items (26)
inventory themed to seasons, such as Christmas, Hallowe'en, Easter, etc.
Sports Memorabilia (12)
mementos and souvenirs from the sports world
Tote Bags, Backpacks, & Garment Bags (14)
tote bagsopen handbags or shopping bags used especially for carrying packages or small items

backpacks:  packs or knapsacks, often of canvas or nylon, to be carried on one's back, sometimes supported on a lightweight metal frame strapped to the body

Toys & Games (2)
toys:  objects, often small representations of something familiar, as an animal or person, for children or others to play with

 competitive activities involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators

Trading Cards (728)

one of a set of small cards, either sold separately or included as a premium with packages of bubblegum or the like, collected and traded

VHS Video Cassettes (5)
a format for recording and playing VCR tape, incompatible with other formats
Wallet Cards (1)
handy reference cards carried in a wallet
0 items total

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