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Drug Dialogue A Home Video for Parents (VHS)

TITLE: Drug Dialogue

Through compelling dramatizations, Drug Dialogue is a home video that suggests ways parents can talk to their kids before drugs become a problem. It also suggests what parents can do if kids have begun to experiment with drugs.
SUB-TITLE: Learn How To Talk About Drugs With Your Kids
in consultation with Health & Welfare Canada and The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
Provigo Supermarkets
VHS Video Cassette
NTSC (Canada and the United States)
DIMENSIONS: 10.7 cm (W) x 18.9 cm (H) x 2.7 cm (D)
WEIGHT: 210 g
Lightly Creased
Video Cassette Plays Fine with no Audio or Video Imperfections
Did you know?
  • Almost every child in Canada will be offered illegal drugs.
  • Illegal drugs are available in your community for less than the price of a movie and popcorn.
  • The vast majority of children have their first drug experience at home.
To cope with today's drug culture, your family needs to talk. The Drug Dialogue—A Home Video will help you begin discussion in your own home.
The Drug Dialogue—A Home Video is the family guide to:
  • The physical and mental damage caused by drug abuse.
  • The social problems resulting from drug abuse.
  • How to resist drugs.
  • How to begin an open and supportive discussion on drugs.
Watch the video. Then start an effective family dialogue.

PriceĀ  C$ 20.32
VHS Video Cassettes
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