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6 Book Lot - General Fiction

After several years in the used book business, we are clearing out our collection of mass market paperbacks (pocket books).  All of the books in the lots are used (some moreso than others).  Most are in good to very good condition, while some may be a little better, or a little worse.  Lots may contain some ex-library books (with the usual stickers and markings) and some of the books may have store price stickers on their covers.  An "author, title, ISBN (if available)" listing below itemizes each book contained in the lot.  If you have any questions, or would like more detailed information, just send us an email and we'll answer as promptly as we can.

This lot contains the following:

1.  Sheldon, Sidney:  Bloodline (0446364916)

When the daughter of one of the world's richest men inherits his multi-billion-dollar business, she inherits his position at the top of the company and at the top of the victim's list of his murderer!

2.  Sheldon, Sidney:  Master of the Game (0446355453)


The symbol of success, the beautiful woman who parlayed her inheritance into an international conglomerate.  Winner of a unique position among the wealthy and world-renowned.

A survivor, indomitable as her father, the man who returned from the edge of death to wrench a fortune in diamonds from the bleak South African earth.  Now, celebrating her ninetieth birthday, Kate surveys the family she has manipulated, dominated and loved:  the fair and the grotesque, the mad and the mild, the good and the evil--her winnings in life.

Is she Master of the Game?

3.  Sheldon, Sidney:  Sands of Time, The (0446356832)

Spain.  A land of eternal passion and unceasing bloodshed.  From the vengeance of a pitiless tyrant, four women flee the sacred, once-safe walls of a convent:  Lucia, the proud survivor harboring a murderous secret from the savage clan wars of Sicily...Graciella, the beauty still unpurged of guilt from one reckless, youthful sin...Megan, the orphan seeking perilous refuge in the arms of a defiant Basque rebel...and Teresa, the believer haunted by a faith that mocks her with silence.  Leaving innocence but not hope behind, they venture into an alien, dazzling world, where each will encounter an unexpected destiny--and the truth about herself.

4.  Sheldon, Sidney:  Windmills of the Gods (0446350109)

She's on the glinting edge of East-West confrontation, a beautiful and accomplished scholar who has suddenly become our newest ambassador to an Iron Curtain country, a woman who is about to dramatically change the course of world events--if she lives.  For Mary Ashley has been marked for death by the world's most proficient and mysterious assassin, and plunged into a nightmare of espionage, kidnapping, and terror.  Here, only two people--both powerfully attractive and ultimately enigmatic men--can offer her help.  And one of them wants to kill her.

5.  Smith, Wilbur:  River God (0330331973)

Ancient Egypt.  Land of the Pharaohs.  A kingdom built on god.  And a legend shattered by greed.
At the festival of Osiris, loyal subjects of the Pharaoh gather to pay homage to their leader.  Only Taita--a wise and formidably gifted eunuch slave--sees him as a symbol of a kingdom's fading glory.

Danger surrounds all those who oppose the ruling elite.  But together with his proteges, Lostris, beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter of his master Lord Inef, and the proud young army officer Tanus, Taita begins the long and dangerous journey towards his own glorious dream--to restore the majesty of the Pharaoh of Pharaohs on the glittering banks of the Nile.

Returning to the splendour of Ancient Egypt, Wilbur Smith draws the reader into a magnificent, richly imagined saga that explodes with all the drama, mystery and rage of a bygone time.  River God is a masterpiece from a storyteller at the height of his powers.

6.  Wolfe, Tom:  Bonfire of the Vanities, The (0553275976)


One of Wall Street's top bond salesmen, he lives in a sumptuous fourteen-room duplex apartment on Park Avenue--"the Best Section of the capital of the Western World in the late twentieth century."  Then one day a bizarre incident in the Bronx thrusts him into the center of every racial, economic, sexual, social and political tension in New York City....


Maria Ruskin, a dazzling bombshell constructed from perfect cheekbones and high couture...She and Sherman are married, of course, but not to each other

Judy McCoy, his wife, the tight-lipped interior decorator...She knows what Sherman's up to, and so far, she's looked the other way

Campbell McCoy, his innocent, six-year old angel of a daughter...She attends "the Best School with the Best Girls from the Best Families"

The Social X Rays, the established women of Park Avenue society, starved to near perfection and aflutter in designer flounces, ruffles and puffs

The Lemon Tarts, their youthful, blonde competition:  second, third and fourth wives or live-in girlfriends of the older male movers and shakers...


Reverend Bacon, the flamboyant black preacher with a silver tongue, awesome political muscle and access to easy cash:  he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it

Eugene Lopwitz, Shermans' boss:  CEO of the Wall Street banking firm of Pierce & Pierce, he has a working fireplace in his power office on the fiftieth floor

Peter Fallow, a British reporter for the sleazemongering City Light:  neither his scruples nor his drinking habits interfere with his powerful lust for headlines

Lawrence Kramer, a second-rate assistant D.A. in the Bronx:  he lives with his wife and child in a cramped Upper West Side apartment and yearns for escape--and glory...


PLEASE NOTE:  Multiples of this Book Lot are available for sale; however, only one photograph was taken.  Therefore, the copies of the individual books in the photograph may or may not be the actual copies of the individual books in the purchased lot;  all copies in all lots are of similar quality.

Price  C$ 36.79
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