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Operation Eyesight Universal - Gift of Sight VHS

TITLE: The Gift of Sight
PRODUCED BY: Operation Eyesight Universal
PROGRAM TIME: 22:07 Minutes
VHS Video Cassette
NTSC (Canada and the United States)
DIMENSIONS: 12.2 cm (W) x 20.5 cm (H) x 3 cm (D)
WEIGHT: 315 g
Hard, Black Plastic Video Cassette Box
Video Cassette Plays Fine with no Audio or Video Imperfections
From the website of Operation Eyesight Universal:
Every day, the rising sun paints the world's horizons for all to enjoy. But for millions of people in developing countries, that vision is eclipsed by blindness, a condition that for the great majority is actually treatable—even preventable. This is the calling of Operation Eyesight. We're a Canadian non-profit organization, working since 1963 in places like South Asia and Africa to support local eye doctors, educators and community leaders in their efforts to fight blindness. We do it because we recognize that sight, particularly for people in these regions, is crucial to their everyday life. And because we believe the only thing more beautiful than a sunrise is a world where everyone can see it. Share our vision. And find out how you can help give rise to a new day. A day when blindness in developing countries is all but eradicated. A day for all the world to see.

PriceĀ  C$ 18.32
VHS Video Cassettes
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