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Charlie's Angels
Dark Crystal, The
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Good Times
Happy Days
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
New Kids On The Block
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Star Trek 25th Anniverary
Star Trek The Next Generation

Trading Cards

Charlie's Angels (20)

The Charlie's Angels series might well be one of the most popular card sets ever issued in terms of mass appeal.  Overall, there are 253 cards and 44 stickers in the complete set, which was distributed in four series by Topps during 1977-78.  Regardless of series, the card number is always located on the obverse.  The stickers from each series are numbered and acptioned on the front and are blank on the back.  The first two series (1-121) are in higher demand than the last two (122-253).

Dallas (43)
The super "Soap" of nighttime television was made into a card set by Donruss in 1981.  The cards are printed on thin stock and the pictures, which are color photos from the TV show, are surrounded by red or blue borders.  The cards are numbered 1-56 but are not captioned.  The backs are puzzle pieces.
Dark Crystal, The (9)
The 78-card set of color photos from the motion picture The Dark Crystal was produced by Donruss in 1982.  It is the first gum card set in many years to employ round (rather than square) edges and this should make the cards very durable.  Each card has wide purple borders surrounding the picture on front and the text on back.  The cards are numbered on the front at the bottom-right corner.
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (57)
Topps issued the E.T. set in 1982 hard on the heels of the fabulously successful movie.  There are 87 numbered cards plus 12 stickers in the series.  Each card contains a color photograph from the movie surrounded by a "starry" blue border.  A bicycle logo appears on the front and the card number and text are located on the back.  The stickers have scenes from the movie, E.T. close-ups, and two sheets of mini-stickers.  Stickers no. 10, 11 and 12 are in short supply compared to nos. 1-9.
Good Times (3)
The Good Times set of 55 cards and 21 stickers was issued by Topps in 1975.  The color photos are taken from the television series and feature dialogue inserted in comic strip style.  Of the 55 cards in the series, 11 have backs with a "Good Times Behind the Scenes" feature, and 44 backs are poster pieces with a small written section about the show.  All the cards are numbered on the reverse.  The un-numbered stickers are white-bordered and blank-backed.
Grease (1)
The Grease set produced by Topps in 1978 consists of 132 cards and 22 stickers issued in two series.  The first series cards (1-66) have pink borders and are numbered under the "Grease" logo on the left.  The stickers (1-11) are blue-bordered in filmclip style.  Second series cards (67-132) have green borders, with the card number once again located underneath the "Grease" logo.  Stickers of this series (12-22) have borders of a mustard colour.  There are 44 poster backs and 22 "Movie Facts" backs in the first series; the second series has 44 poster backs, 17 "Story Summary" backs, and five promotional backs.
Happy Days (28)
The Happy Days series of 44 cards and 11 stickers was issued by Topps in 1976.  The cards have blue borders and a white frame line surrounding the colour pictures taken from the TV series.  The card caption appears on the front in yellow print, and the card number appears on the back.  All the card reverses are poster pieces.  The sticker set is characterized by a yellow band around the picture and it is numbered.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (71)

Released in 2001 by Wizards of the Coast, this set was issued with uncommon (#1-40), common (#41-80), and rare cards (#1-40 as foil cards). The cards are 2 - 1/2 inches by 4 - 1/2 inches with light green backgrounds; scenes from the film are displayed in film strip borders with a caption underneath.  Cards are numbered on the back, where a brief synopsis of the film scene depicted on the front is written up.

New Kids On The Block (17)
Issued by Topps, this set of trading cards is copyright 1989 by Big Step Productions, Inc.  The set consists of 88 trading cards and 11 stickers.  Each card features a photographic front, and a text back which imparts a piece of trivia about the group.  Card numbers appear on the backs of the cards.  The stickers are printed on heavy card stock; the backs of the stickers contain puzzle pieces, which when assembled, form a poster.
Raiders of the Lost Ark (104)
The Topps card set of Raiders of the Lost Ark is as crisp and refreshing as the movie itself:  no puzzle backs, stickers or other unnecessary baggage.  Of the 88 cards in the set, 82 are totally devoted to the story line, four introduce the characters, and the remaining two are a checklist and title card.  The color photos are from the movie and are surrounded by "snake" frames.  The narrative on the back is encased in a red and yellow "Ark," and the card number is located beneath this in the bottom-left corner.
Star Trek 25th Anniverary (266)
Marketed by Impel in 1991 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the creation of Star Trek, this card set was issued in two series:  series one consists of 160 cards, numbered 1 to 160; series two consists of 150 cards, numbered 161 to 310.  The cards alternate:  even numbered cards are from Star Trek The Next Generation and are burgundy bordered; odd numbered cards are from Star Trek The Original Series and are blue bordered.  The cards feature an image on the front, the name of the car in the top left hand corner, and the name of the television series from which it was taken in one of the corners.  The reverse sides of the cards feature the card number, name and suitable text.
Star Trek The Next Generation (109)
Issued by Impel in 1992, this was the first card series dedicated solely to Star Trek: The Next Generation. The 120 card set covers the show up to season five and offers information on characters, ships, technology, trivia questions, equipment and behind the scenes. One subset in the common set consisted of five foreign language cards numbered 01A-01E which showed the same text but in five different languages and were seeded as frequently the other common cards. There were four hologram cards for this set, numbered 01H-04H. These were initially printed with the numbers of 031, 033, 034 and 036 (their equivalent base set counterparts). This error was later corrected and both numbering schemes are readily available on the secondary market. The four holograms from this set form a montage of a planet with the ships in orbit around it. A 5th hologram was available through a wrapper offer.
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